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Rhonda New rbnew at
Tue Aug 22 06:30:32 PDT 2000

Polydore wrote:

> I am up- for the trip this saturday if it is
> still on. When and where to start are
> the needed factors.

How 'bout we meet at my house in SW Ft. Worth
morning around 7:30 - 8:00 am ??
Address:  5412 Whitman Ave.
Phone:   423-9039
Cell:    456-8599

Directions:  From I-20 in SW Ft. Worth, exit
Old Granbury Rd. and go south.  About two
blocks from I-20, turn left on Wedgmont Cir. N.
(Right is Gorman St.).  At next stopsign (Trail
Dr.), go straight but veer to the right at the
That's the beginning of Whitman.  Our house is the

fourth house from the corner of Trail Lake and
Wedgmont Cir. N.

There's plenty of parking room in my driveway, or
the shopping center there at Trail Lake/Wedgmo

> Gabrille was going to work on hats, too, though
> I am not sure that she has a pattern. She does
> have the red and black cloth that I had.  We
> need to knclude her in this.  I have a maching
> and a serger I could bring to a sewing "bee".

Oh, yes!  Everyone is included!  I will be glad to
copy the pattern
for her.... actually, I may have two patterns and
can just giver
her one  :>

> I know I have some yellow that could be used for
> banners, will look in the pile and see what else
> I can come up with.
> Anybody know where to find yellow feathers? I
> have struck out so far...
> Polydore

JoAnn's Fabrics near my house.  (what are you
going to
do with yellow feathers?)

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