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Tue Aug 22 12:43:49 PDT 2000

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Elfsea moot is this
Thursday, Autgust 24th.  If you look at Elfsea's web page under business
meeting...the date shows July 24th which was the last moot.  This Thursday
night is supposed to be the Defender planning meeting over at Daniel and
Shioban's house and I believe moot will be next Monday, August 28th.  Please
someone correct me if I'm wrong since I'm already planning to be at the
Defender planning meeting this Thursday night and His Excellency said he
would be there too :)

Laird Sean of Argyll
Loch Ruadh Archery Marshal

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> On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Spence Mabry wrote:
> >I will not be attending the next Elfsea Moot on August 24th as I will be
> in
> >Arlington for the MicroSoft Windows ME Road Show and Roll-out.  Robin
> would
> >like to attend, but since we have only 1 car (and I will be using it),
> she
> >will need a ride to Moot.  
> I can do it if you don't find someone closer...  I work a mile from the
> Coors plant, but live down in that area.  Let me know.
> Felipé
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