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Fri Aug 25 10:55:07 PDT 2000 there's a novel idea...not very period
though for a Scotsman....and no comments on that either!!!  Actually a
tabard would be great.  The only tabard I have is the one I have from being
in the Arthurian company last year.  Yes on the tabards for all three of us
and a tunic apiece for Erik and I :)  Francesca is right.  I haven't a clue
how to dress myself and yes Sluggy, the pink dress is still not a good least for me and Erik.

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> Padraig wrote:
> > > Sean,
> > >
> > > I'll be happy to pick up the material for your tabards.  Do Eric and
> Kara
> > > want tabards as well?
> Sean wrote:
> > Actually yes for Erik.  I believe that if I'm not mistaken, Lady
> Elizabeth
> > was going to be working on a new dress for Kara so I think she's
> covered.
> > Same colors for Erik and broadcloth sounds good.  I'll catch you with
> the
> > money the next time I see you.
> Elizabeth replies:
> Sean, Kara will have a skirt and top; she will be covered.
> But how about a TABARD or Kara?
> Do you want both TUNIC and TABARD for yourself?
> Do you want both TUNIC and TABARD for Erik?
> Ah, if there's so much confusion about outer wear, we
> won't even get into the underwear (no pun intended, no
> laughing!)
> /Ly Elizabeth
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