ANST-Announce - King's Lancer Tournament at Elfsea Defender

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Fri Aug 25 11:02:53 PDT 2000

Contact Info: 
Equestrian Stewards: 
Aimee & Patric de Long Coeur- llechatton at or 972-226-2665
King's Lancer: 
Lady Michelle Fraser - michelle_betenbaugh at or 281-983-5339
Elfsea Defender Autocrats: 
Lord Daniel Stewart and Lady Siobhanon Ui Niall – 
gutridge at or 817-656-1242
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To the Authorized Riders
  and other good gentles of Ansteorra,

This year, the Barony of Elfsea has generously offered to host the King's 
Lancer tournament at Elfsea Defender on Sept. 23 in Canton, Tx (First Monday 
Trade Days Park). As Equestrian Stewards for the King's Lancer Tournament, 
Patric and I look forward to seeing you in Canton. I'm sure Lady Michelle, the 
current King's Lancer, has a grueling course in mind for her challengers. 
Also, Sir Alexis will be presenting a demo of Mounted Combat (with boffers). 
If you are not 
competing please consider helping with ground crew on Saturday or Sunday 
muck-out. It takes 3 people to reset the field after each rider.

As part of Defender, Elfsea will be holding an on-site Heraldic A&S 
competition. Judges will be wandering the site so please sport your best 
heraldic garb and housing.  There will be a non-rider prize for Equestrian 
service. Also, Lady Merruddud has volunteered to manage a tavern for horse 
camp.  Get in touch with Michelle or me if you are planning any other 
equestrian activities.

If you are bringing horses, there is no stabling on site. We either tie our 
horses to an overhead picket or use portable pens. Also, this site requires 
that we clean the stabling area completely so be prepared to muck-out before 
you leave. Generous Elfsea will be providing hay for the horses.

Per SCA rules, each equine must have a Certificate of Negative Coggins no less 
than 12 months old. Proof of Neg. Coggins will be tendered to Patric or me 
before the mount is unloaded.

Every rider intending to compete will have made horse arrangements at the time 
they sign in for the list. Horse arrangements should be made between the 
individual owners and riders well in advance.

All who wish to compete in the King's Lancer competition must complete the 
enclosed registration form and return before Wed. Sept. 20th (or bring it to 
site Friday/Sat).  The list will close after morning court Saturday Sept. 23.  
I am happy to make arrangements for late comers - just let me know. Please 
return the form as early as possible so that I might have a good count for the 
list and camp arrangements.

Call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

In Service,

Aimée de Long Coeur
Barony of the Steppes
m.k.a. Lisa LeChatton
Dallas, Texas


King's Lancer Registration
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Fax: 972-226-2707

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Number of people expected to use the tavern:
Any dietary restrictions:
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