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Ok, with all the talent we have in Loch Ruadh someone should be able to help me. As a chirurgeon I need to keep some basic supplies and forms with me at all times. During our event I carried my basket with everything but soon found that it became cumbersome and was rather a pain in the wazoo to keep up with when your carrying a chair and whatever else.  

 After reading how the chirurgeons at Pennsic managed and with what equipment etc (Good discussion of "this worked and this didnt") I have come up with an idea and wonder if someone can assist me in making it. 

What I need (or think I need anyway!) is something that I can attach to my belt. Kinda like a large "fanny pack" but not so mundane looking. I then went and looked at the pouch Conall bought at Warlord and got to thinking.. Hmmmmmm... a little larger and I can carry a small supply of the basics and not have to worry about keeping up with it. Conall's pouch is leather about armour weight so that it isnt "soft sided" with a latching closure. The fact that its not soft sided means stuff wouldnt get smooshed and I can put a small notebook with my needed paperwork (the dreaded paperwork!) and not worry about it as well. I could then paint/tool the chirurgeons badge on it as an added plus (of course most folks cant miss the baldric but you never know....). 

Whats y'alls thoughts on this? Can it be done? How can it be done? (and how much $$ to do it?)  If this turns out to be feasable and not to expensive then maybe we can look at making a couple for the chirurgeons to carry vs the big black bags most carry now and maybe making a buck or two in the future. (Ok, dont pounce on me. I am not becoming a rabid roll player...  though I do think its neat if we can hold the mundanity to a minimum... and chirurgeons carrying big red or black gym bags with sports logos blazoned across most of them kinda dosent fit.)

Whos trying to find ways to keep her mind occupied other than with murderous thoughts towards the mortgage broker and who wants to move into her own house now!!!
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