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Sat Aug 26 20:01:42 PDT 2000

Sept 9 has just become bad for me...  My SCUBA class is getting some open
water training out of the way that afternoon, and I really should come along
to get some of the rescue training done(besides, I get to help teach a cute
Irish girl, heh heh heh).

so I would not be able to make it to the
armorers/ballista-ers????/woodworkers/trebuchet-ers??/whatever-ers  workshop
until that evening.  probably sometime after 7...


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> I am Proposing two workshops here, promarely for armor, but they could
certainly have other things done, such as the trebuchet and some finishing
work on the Bjorn Again Ballista.  My suggested dates are Sept 9 and Oct 21.
How about it armorers?  Dunstan? Bjorn? MacFergusssses? Nud? Anybody that I
can misspell?
> Polydore
> Padraig Ruad wrote:
> > As we cancelled Officer's Meeting this month due to Lughnasad
preparations, we have not updated the calendar for September and October.
Please send me anything that needs to be included for those months:
workshops, classes, etc., and I'll provide the info to Sluggy for the
newsletter.  Now that Lughnasad is over, let's see if we can't get some A&S
evenings, armor workshops, and trebuchet building days in.
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