LR - Fabric Trip

Rhonda New rbnew at
Mon Aug 28 07:40:51 PDT 2000

Connie L Nurmi wrote:

> Dear Friend Not only did I get this late Sat. eve. ,I probaly missed some
> wonderful cin.rolls and I was at work, Not to mention I don't know you.
> I hope all had a lovly trip to Dallas.

For all of those who missed the trip to Dallas' fabric
Not to worry!  Another trip is a must ~ just gotta go
back and get some of that silk peach skin for $4/yard.
And the linen!  Oh, so many colors and only $4/yard.
Then, there was the very period solidly beaded (even
had square "sequins") stuff going at $450/3.5 yds and
the silks with sewn-on pearls.  Yep.  There will be
another trip, soon.

And, there will be plenty more cinnamon rolls, or
banana bread, or some other kind of "bribe"!  (The
last time I sent my husband for a bag of flour he
brought home a big one ~ 50 lbs.)

/Ly Elizabeth

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