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Rhonda New rbnew at
Mon Aug 28 13:07:02 PDT 2000

Oh!  I emailed you earlier, but our system is screwed.
I should know ~ I'm the "help desk."  You wouldn't
believe the volume of calls I've had; or, maybe, you
would  8\
I will bring the tunics to moot.


PS - you may or may not get this message, since our
routers are down.  In fact, I may see you in person
before you get this. ~snicker~

Cantley_Tim at wrote:

> Hey folks,
>         Haven't heard if anyone was able to get me some tunic/tabbard
> material this last Saturday on your trip to the fabric district but if
> anyone was able to get it, I should be at Elfsea moot tonight and would be
> able to pay that person what I owe them for the material.
> Laird Sean of Argyll who hopes you didn't have to shear too many sheep
> Tim Cantley
> Regional Software Support Specialist
> 14785 Preston Rd.
> Suite 250
> Dallas, Tx. 75240
> Office: 972-892-2125

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