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Tue Aug 29 11:29:23 PDT 2000

Good folks of Loch Ruadh,

	Let me get into my on-bended-knee, begging pose.  I am of need of
*all* of your assistance at Defender.  As most of you are aware of, the
canton is hosting the archery tournament at Defender.  I am need of help
from many of you early Saturday morning, the 23rd of September to assist in
the setup and running of this tournament.  Their Excellencies, Galen and
Allessandre will be in attendance and I would like to make this as great of
a tournament as possible.  Currently we are scheduled to run the tournament
from 8:30 to 10:30 that morning.  I will be the archery marshal-in-charge of
the tournament but obviously this will be much more than I can handle on my
own.  Currently we will have three archery targets from Elfsea and Steppes
has as much as agreed to let us borrow theirs too which I believe should add
three more.  With 6 targets on the range, we should be able to have 12
archers firing at one time which should speed up the tournament immensely.
I am planning on running a Royal Round, which is what we ran at Lughnasad.
	What I am in need of is your help in setting up the range early
Saturday morning. I will need scorekeepers, greeters, heralds, authorized
archery marshals to help me control the range, waterbearers for the thirsty
archers and guests, help in setting up the pavilions in advance of the
tournament and probably some things I've overlooked as well.  If you have a
choice in what you'd like to help with, please email me privately at
cantley_tim at or see me at Loch Ruadh's populace meeting next week.  I
will discuss this tournament more in depth at that time.  Your help in this
will be greatly appreciated so that again we can show Elfsea what we're
really capable of.  We really impressed them at Lughnasad so let's keep it

Yours in Service,
Laird Sean of Argyll
Loch Ruadh Archery Marshal

Tim Cantley
Regional Software Support Specialist
14785 Preston Rd.
Suite 250
Dallas, Tx. 75240
Office: 972-892-2125

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