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Tue Aug 29 20:49:44 PDT 2000

We are only doing the Royal Round, given the timeframe we have to work with.
Lord Kerrick told me last night at moot that he was planning on hosting a
children's archery shoot after the Defender tourney is finished.  I've also
heard that Fearghus would like to continue the adult shoot with an IKAC
shoot continuing afterwards using the scores attained during our Royal
Round.  All I'm commiting the canton to though is the Defender tourney.
Anyone is welcome to assist or shoot in the other shoots afterwards but I
think I'm going to do the Royal Round and then call it a day and enjoy the
rest of the lists..something I haven't been able to do in the last couple of
events I've been at.  Since we did not give away the youth bow set that I
bought for Lughnasad, I'm considering putting it up as a prize for Kerrick's
event but I haven't approached him about it yet.


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> > Saturday morning. I will need scorekeepers, greeters, heralds,
> authorized
> > archery marshals to help me control the range, waterbearers for the
> thirsty
> > archers and guests, help in setting up the pavilions in advance of the
> > tournament and probably some things I've overlooked as well
> <another big snip>
> Sean, it goes without saying that as your AM deputy (and now a warrented
> AM
> as well) I will assit you with the endevor. Let me know what "gaps" need
> to
> be filled in. Will we be running a childrens shoot as well? Or just a a
> regular RR?
> MagD"Leigha
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