LR - Defender archery tournament

Donna Wallis mama_mac at
Wed Aug 30 07:07:42 PDT 2000

I'll be there Friday evening and willing to set up for
fat/calorie/cholesterol free ice cream!!
Any other takers???


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> I will be there Friday evening.  I know the tourney begins
> about 8:30 am.  This means we have to begin set up by
> 6:30 am?  (whine whine - I don't do mornings - especially
> before coffee!)  How 'bout setting up Friday?  Any other
> takers?  Who else will be there Friday?
> Randy has a doctor's appointment @ 2:30 pm so we
> should be in Canton around 5 pm.
> Could we bribe helpers with some home made ice cream?
> /Ly Elizabeth
> (fat/calorie/cholesterol free ice cream, that is... )

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