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I really appreciate the response to my plea.  I will say this and then maybe
we can discuss this more next week at Populace meeting.  Hopefully I'll have
more answers by then.  I won't be arriving onsite until after dark on Friday
night due to job demands.  I'm not sure when Lord Ironwyrm of the Steppes
will be bringing out their three archery butts but I'm waiting on a response
from him.  Lord Kerrick has all of Elfsea's archery equipment including
archery butts, ropes, poles and whatever else to actually set up the range
which I'm hoping to place where it was at Springfaire so I'll need to
contact Kerrick to find out when he's getting there and also make sure with
Lord Daniel (the autocrat) that the placement of the range is agreeable to
So where does that leave us?  As of right now, until I can get further
answers, probably all that can be done Friday night is maybe get the
pavillions up at the range which is a job in itself.  I'm hoping we can use
the Loch Ruadh pavilion along with the two easy-ups for shade and maybe if
she agrees, Lady Elizabeth's two pavillions, which I have the canvas to one
of them in my truck.  We could probably use at least two or three tables set
up under some of them so that score keepers have a place to keep score and
to place refreshments.  I believe that Their Excellencies would like to have
their seats placed under one of them to view the tournament and HE Galen
mentioned if we could get a couple pallets to place their chairs on so they
could be eleveated a little to see all that is going on.  Your Excellency,
since I know you are a subscriber to this list, would you care to comment
again on that please.  Were you wanting to use our pavillion or have one of
yours set up down there?
Sorry to be so wordy here but as I said we can discuss this in more depth
next week when I have more answers.  Erik, a gentleman from Mendersham and I
set up the range at Lughnasad in about 45 minutes and maybe another 30
minutes to put up three pavillions (with Lady Elizabeth's help on the
pavillions).  So the range itself should go up pretty quick on Saturday
morning if need be if I had a half dozen people helping.
BTW, I know it's a sign of age but I've misplaced/forgotten Lord Kerrick's
email address and phone number again.  Would someone send it to me privately
at cantley_tim at

In Service,

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> > Good folks of Loch Ruadh,
> >
> >         Let me get into my on-bended-knee, begging pose.  I am of need
> of
> > *all* of your assistance at Defender.  As most of you are aware of, the
> > canton is hosting the archery tournament at Defender.  I am need of help
> > from many of you early Saturday morning, the 23rd of September to assist
> in
> > the setup and running of this tournament.
> >
> I will be there Friday evening.  I know the tourney begins
> about 8:30 am.  This means we have to begin set up by
> 6:30 am?  (whine whine - I don't do mornings - especially
> before coffee!)  How 'bout setting up Friday?  Any other
> takers?  Who else will be there Friday?
> Randy has a doctor's appointment @ 2:30 pm so we
> should be in Canton around 5 pm.
> Could we bribe helpers with some home made ice cream?
> /Ly Elizabeth
> (fat/calorie/cholesterol free ice cream, that is... )
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