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Wed Aug 30 19:59:42 PDT 2000

Ummm...actually Sluggy, no there isn't anyone in our immediate group than
can authorize you as a range marshal :)  Your authorization card only covers
martial combat.  To become an archery marshal (not a combat archery
authorization marshal), currently Fearghus wants them to be warranted
marshals which actually takes the King's approval.  Although he is from
Elfsea, the warranting must be done at a Kingdom level event.  Now did I
hear you wanted to become an archery marshal...hmmmmm?  I imagine we could
make that happen but that means you would be at the demand of our Kingdom
archery marshal to fill in where needed.  Please note what has happened at
the last three SCA events I've attended :)

Sean who learned tournament archery the Evelyn Wood way

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> Count me in for whatever duty needs doing!
> I think that setting up as much as possible Friday is a good thing, but
> I also think that getting to the field around 6:30 Saturday to get set
> up is still a good plan.
> I don't think my authorization card has all the right check marks, but
> maybe we could take care of that. I mean, surely someone in our group
> has authorization power, hmmm? :):)
> Sluggy!
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