LR- Does Anyone Have...

Rhonda New rbnew at
Tue Dec 5 08:35:12 PST 2000

I have a very large copper one.  You're most welcome to use
it.  I'll set it out tonight so you can come by and get it at your
convenience.  Call me at work (817-509-3403) for the combination
to get into the house or call Randy (817-456-8599) to make
arrangments to meet him there anytime after 6:30 PM.
Otherwise, I'll try to get Randy to drop it by Populace tomorrow
/Ly Elizabeth

Padraig Ruad wrote:

> ...a chafing dish or other type of covered metal dish that I could use at the Tor's Yule Revel to keep something warm over a small Sterno stove?
> Padraig
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