LR- Dance Guild

Cait OHara sonja_crocker at
Thu Dec 7 17:09:57 PST 2000

> The originals have not surfaced in years, but I did find the 
> cassette tape
> back ups and Dance Manual copies that I made from the Rose & Nefr 
> and the
> Ansteorra Kingdom Dance Workshop from 1990.

GREAT!  Thank you so much.  

> I also have copies of the Eastern Kingdom Dance Book, The Nordskogen 
> Dance
> Manual, Playford, Re-Play'd and The Iron Mountain Dance Book II. If 
> you
> think you they would be of any help you are welcome to use them, 
> just let me
> know.

I would like to look at them and see what is in them.

> They are yours to use as soon as I can get them to you.  Happy 
> dancing!!!!

They are going to help so much.  I will be at Wandering Bardic on the 5th
of January.  Do you think you could send them to Caerrel's by then?  I
hope to start the dance guild by mid January.

Thanks again,

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