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>Does anyone have any information on Gulf Wars?  Such as a map,
>directions, schedule of events, anything?  I checked out the web site
>( and there is nothing but under construction signs.  I
>don't get the Black Star.  Could someone tell me how to find out or post
>the info here?


At this point, I don't have much more information than is available on the Gilf War X page, but here's what I have:

Gulf War X takes place 12-18 March 2001 - it will be a day longer this year, starting on Monday rather than Tuesday.

It is held at King's Arrow Ranch in Lumberton, MS.  The following map links actually point to the Georgetowne Inn, which is on the road that leads to the ranch; once you've passed the Georgetowne, you'll see the signs directing you to the ranch.

First, a link with directions from the intersection of 820 and 199 to the Georgetowne in Lumberton:

Next, an interactive map of the immediate area around the Georgetowne:

The journey is between 500 and 600 miles, depending on your starting point here in our area.  With stops for meals, gas, privy visits and stretching your legs, figure on 11-12 hours for the trip.

There are classes, exhibits, competitions, fighting and merchanting going on all week long.  Heavy fighting battles generally take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Last year they were in the order of Resurrection Battle, open field battles, and fort battles.  I'm not sure about the light fighting schedules.  There are also Champion Tournies, Torchlight Tournies, pick-up matches and many other opportunities to fight; those who go to Gulf War and don't get in their fill of fighting have only themselves to blame.

There will be well over 100 merchants selling all manners of goods; Merchant's Row is like a festival market day in a major Medieval city.  Set meals are offered in a dining hall for a reasonable price; I've been told that the food is good.  There are showers and some flush toilets available, and of course the ever-present porta-potties.

There are many parties, both scheduled and unscheduled, bardic circles, dance circles, Courts, gatherings, etc.

I'll see if I can find last year's schedule of events and get it to you so that you can have a better idea of everything that goes on.

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