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Cait OHara sonja_crocker at
Fri Dec 8 11:08:11 PST 2000

Padraig mentioned that y'all needed a site for an event.  Well, I talked
with my mother and she gave me the infor on the site that I had sugested
at the meeting.  (the site on the Brazos).  Turns out it is a camp
ground.  I thought that my grandpa owned it.  Turns out, it is his nephew
that owns it.  I haven't been able to talk to his nephew yet.  I did get
to call the campground and get some info.
Name of Campgound:  Hillbilly Haven
Address:  I-20 at the Brazos (Exit#394)
Phone:  817-341-4009 or 817-707-5814
Contact:  Loni Smith (owner)
Pets are allowed, but have to be on a leash.  They have river tubing,
airboat tours, rv park, tent spots (pull thus), a beach, a hillside,
water, and tons of trees (heavily shaded).  The woman I spoke to said
that for about 200 people, she would charge $5/person/day for camping. 
they are open 8AM-9PM Sun-Sat.   She wanted to know the particulars (like
when and how many).  If you want, you can call her.  She can give you the
basic info.  Or, you could give the info to me and I can try to get ahold
of Loni for you.  he might be able to get us a discount.  
Just let me know.

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