LR- DFT Yule Revel

Donna Wallis mama_mac at
Sun Dec 10 11:20:42 PST 2000

My hat [which just happens to be brass  ;) ] is tipping to the great people
of the Tor!!!  I had a great time yesterday.

The food was thanks to all of the people in the
kitchen.....the feast-o-crats, the cooks, the servers, the kitchen

The event was the largest ever!   I have know idea where they kept finding
tables and chairs for all of the overflow and food for all of the extra
people, but they did it in grand style.  Thanks to the set-up, last minute
grocery run, tear down and clean-up crews.  Take a bow and pat yourselves on
the back, you did a fantastic job.

I would like to give special Thanks to the people who cleaned up, packed and
carried my "stuff" downstairs while I was busy taking care of business.
Thank you so much!!!!!

I am very proud of our sister Canton.  If you missed this one.....You missed
a great time.

Mama Mac

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