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I thought this information might be of interest to Loch Ruadh's fighters.

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Greetings Lord and Ladies

I apologize for those who are both of these lists and recieve this message 
twice.  I am trying to reach many people.

To the Barony of Elfsea:
Effective immediately, Wednesday Evening Practices are cancelled until 
probably February.  Announcements will be made probably late January when 
these practices will resume.  Sunday Practices will continue as scheduled at 
2:00 pm at Randol Mill.  The exceptions are Christmas Eve, events, or bad 
weather.  Let repeat:  NO PRACTICE SUNDAY DECEMBER 24th!!!!

To all on both of these lists:
On January 7th, the day after Steppes 12th Night, The Barony of Elfsea will 
be hosting a Mini-Tournament at Randol Mill Park in Arlington.  The 
Tournament will begain at 1:00pm.  Format is not completely established, but 
still should be fun.  If you need directions to the park, please let me know 
(see email below).
On January 14th, the day after Coronation, Sir Romanus (Sorry for the 
spelling) will be teaching a half hour class on Foot Work at Randol Mill 
Park at 2:00pm.  This will be the first in a series of classes called 
KNIGHTLY CLASSES.  Each month a Knight will be asked to teach a brief class 
on various aspects of fighting and general information on what you need to 
know to become a Peer of the Relm.  A schedule for these classes will posted 
as more classes are scheduled.

If you have questions, ideas, or comments, please feel free to contact me.

HL Raimond George de Mora
Elfsea Knight Marshal
Elfsea Duck of Fools
raimonddemora at

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