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Well, HL Robin's office closed for the day, and since I was told I didn't really have to come in, I'm not (nobody's fool).  Anyway, I have a pot of beef stew a'cooking and am waiting for the specialist to call me about Robin (who is probably going to sleep all day (the last two days at work have totally worn her out).

On a different track, I'm wanting to fence!!!  Haven't been able to because of family health problems for over a month!  Who wants to come over and freeze their @#$%^&* off? (When the stew is ready at 5, you can have some, but must like BABYLON 5, SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND; and (of course) THE WEST WING!!!!)


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> But it didn't take much longer than normal to get to
> work this morning; I left an hour early and traffic was
> quite light.  I was here an hour early.  But half my
> team has called in.

I left late to give time for the school traffic by my house to settle

The trip to work was short and uneventful, but the parking lot at work
was the slickest place in the whole trip. Luckily, it's virtually empty.
If nothing interesting to do comes up in the next few minutes, I'm outta

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