LR- Change of Plans

Padraig Ruad padraig_ruad at
Thu Dec 14 10:44:36 PST 2000

>I just wanted to let you all know that Ragnar and I won't be going to
>Gulf Wars after all.  It seems that I will be 7 months pregnant at the
>time.  I really don't want to be that far from home at that point in the
>pregnancy.  Also, Ragnar doesn't think he can have his armor and be
>authorized by then.  I hope you all have fun.  Bring back lots of piccies
>and kill a Trimarian for us.
>Cait, Ragnar, Meaghan

Sorry to hear that you won't be going, but I understand your reasoning, and think you have made a wise chice.  There will be other Gulf Wars in the future, and right now the health of you and your coming little one is the paramount concern.

We will get Ragnar armored and trained, and I assure him that there will be no shortage of fighting when he is ready for it. :)

I will dedicate a Trimarian to each of you, plus one for your soon-to-be new addition to the Populace.

Nunc Est Bibendum
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