LR- Re: Sleet

Bill Osterheim Polydore at
Thu Dec 14 14:59:09 PST 2000

Heh. I just got home. Left the house tuesday morning, is is now thursday.
The railroad decieded they wanted us to be able to make it in the morning, and
paid for hotel rooms for pretty much anyone who wanted one. Took me 25 mins to
make the 2 miles to the best western I was in tuesday nite.


Pookie wrote:

> My normaly one hour drive home took a tad over 5 hours and that was leaving
> work 2 hours early!   Unless we have some massive melting between now and in
> the morning I am not even stepping onto my back porch much less sit in
> traffic to going back to work!
> MagD'Leigha
> > Same here, though it took me an hour (from 3;30 -4:30) to go from the
> Tandy Center to the Montgomery Ward's building (don't mundanes know how to
> drive!).  The 30 minutes to go from there to Hulen and I-20 to get Robin.
> We picked up stuff for beef stew (for tomorrow) and Quick Chili fixings (for
> tonight) which we just ate.  And now it's coming down again here!
> >
> > Wonder if I'll venture forth tomorrow or not (I hope she doesn't have to,
> though).
> >
> > She is getting better, and we have to call a specialist tomorrow to
> schedule an appointment.  They think it may be rumothoid arthitis (sp?).
> >
> > Ceatta
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