LR- Where about in Loch Ruadh?

Cait OHara sonja_crocker at
Fri Dec 15 10:17:43 PST 2000

> I live all the way out in Joshua....I don't have transportation 
> right now(a 
> common theme around here, I've noticed <grin>), but hope to make it 
> to a SCA 
> something soon....I really miss it and looking foward to going to my 
> first 
> event in this kingdom.
> Krona

My husband is FROM Joshua.  We are going to go to Steppes 12th Night
(January 6).  Would you need a ride? We may be in the area at that time. 
My in-laws still live out there.  Let us know.  Also, let me know if you
want any info on the event or if you need anything (garb, feast gear,
etc).  Are you a newcomer?  I have some extra stuff if you need it.

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