[DFW-Announce] Cool Kitty to good home

Timothy Rayburn admin at elfsea.net
Sat Dec 16 09:33:22 PST 2000

    Would *you* like to be among the select few to be considered for
ownership by a cat?  Pooh Kitty, a sable colored feline, is a somewhat
beloved institution of the Steppes Scribal Community (tm - patent 
Alas, Pooh Kitty has been advised that his current part time food 
employee (Aslyn) is no longer allowed to retain said feline in her 
abode (Read: the apartment people would not renew the lease unless 
would agree to not have any pets.  Aslyn - would could not move at this
time - acquiesced.  We now continue with our story already in 

    Furthermore, Aslyn (who has the lungs of an eighty year old 
and is, oddly enough, allergic to cats [yes, always has been]) really
doesn't need to be around cats that much any more (although she does 
the Poohster).

    P.K. (who is currently working on his memoirs), would dearly love 
find a new home wrought with catnip and babes.  However, he'll settle 
anywhere other than the no-kill shelter of the SPCA, which is where he 
unfortunately be sent back to unless he finds a home.  Time is, also, 
of the
essence as his current (and most gracious) innkeepers must, alas, part 
his presence as soon as possible.

Here are the character stats for the Pooh:

Name:  Pooh Kitty
Age:    Ummm....I dunno....7?  8?
Color:     Sable\Dark Brown - faint tiger stripe on his belly
Class:    Ohhh.....*lots*
Strengths:    Can open doors with special sumo wrestling moves;  
"Air P.K." move where he can do a complete backflip *when properly
motivated*;  loves to fish and hunt;  great with scribes;  is working 
reprogramming VCRs.
Weaknesses:  Can replay answering machine messages if he's miffed at 

If interested in this once in a lifetime offer, please inquire at
aslyn2 at mindspring.com

    Seriously folks, I really do love this cat, and I really would 
rather he
go to a good home than back to the Shelter from whence he came.  They 
had a
hard time placing him the first time (as he was a grown cat).  He's a 
cool kitty.  So....if you know of *anyone* who would like him, please 
let me



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