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Sun Dec 17 18:21:50 PST 2000

Greetings to Everyone!

A good friend of mine in Montengaard mentioned to me that he's put up a
web site to assist SCA members in locating each other.  The page is
functional as we speak, but still under construction.  I have been asked
to forward the site to everyone I can think of in the SCA to visit the
site.  This site aspires to be known as the "SCA People Finder!" and
touts itself as such.  In order to be findable, you will be asked to add
yourself to the database.  You will also be asked for a password so that
you can add/edit/remove any of your information as you see fit.  The
address is as follows:


Graeme Alasdair of Vingaard, formerly of the Free Company of Northurrok,
Personal Honour Guard to milady Thomasyne,
Humbly Proud Member of milady Ovidia's Musketeers,
Student of Armoury to My Good Friend and Mentor, Lord Foxworthy of
Montengarde of the Noble House Blackwood.

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"There is nothing quite as beautiful as the starlight that shines off
the face of a Lady!"

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