LR- could someone leave the light on for me?

Padraig Ruad padraig_ruad at
Wed Dec 20 07:18:06 PST 2000

>By some odd twist of faith I have the 30th off, and a four day weekend Jan 
>5-8. There's a small chance I'll be able to make it to Elfsea's Fool Revel 
>and/or the Wandering Badric/Quarterly Competition (everyone cross their 
>fingers but don't hold your breaths) I just need to know where to go....Help?

We're alway happy to tell someone where to go.  (Wait, that didn't sound right...)

Seriously, I'll post directions to Fool's Revel and to the Wandering Bardic a day or two prior to each event.  The Fool's Revel will be at the Fire and Police training center in downtown Fort Worth.  Wandering Bardic will be at Laird Caerell's, which is off South Hulen.  I remember that you mentioned not having transportation - when you know that you definitely will be able to attend either of these, let me know and I'll make sure that you have a ride.

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