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Conor na Mara ackthpffth at
Fri Dec 22 09:17:01 PST 2000

> I also wanted to let you all know that I just got
> the results back from
> my doctor.  They took a 3 hour glucose tolerance
> (sugar levels) test.  It
> seems that I have gestational diabetes.  Does anyone
> know how I can
> handle this for 12th Night?  Do I need to let them
> know that I have
> dietary restrictions or should I just pick and
> choose what I eat?
> What really stinks is that I find out so close to
> the holidays.


I would suggest watching what you eat, since just
about everything can have some effect on your glucose.
I'm not sure how doctors approach gestational diabetes
but, with both type 1 and type 2, they send you to a
"Diabetes class". Which will consists of talking with
a dietician to figure out a good diet for you to
follow and also meeting with a nurse to make sure you
know how to measure your glucose and all that. 

   I'm not sure when 12th night is or if you'll have
this class before then but if you do I would talk to
your dietician and see what they say. Otherwise I'd
call your doctor and ask. S/He may not be able to go
into great detail but they should be able to give you
an idea of what to watch.

   As a basic rule of thumb, I would suggest avoiding
or consuming as little as possible, everything sweet. 

Ld. Conor
A type II diabetic
"I try to take one day at a time,
but sometimes they attack me all at once"

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