LR- Many Thanks!

Chris Harper bice at
Mon Dec 25 19:08:13 PST 2000

Merry Christmas!  That is a crazy way to start a birthday thank you but we
all know I am kinda that way.  I do want to thank everyone that sent me
Birthday wishes.  They were very happily received.  I had a grand birthday
with the majority of my family.  We (husband, myself, two sons and their
wives, and one grandson) all went down and took my Mother out for Christmas
Dinner.  Her favorite restaurant had a buffet with limited seating and
reservations required.  It reminded me of an SCA feast, you know, us and
about 50 of our closest family members and complete strangers. :)  It was a
great meal and by the time it was over we were all friends anyway. Just
like the SCA!

I can't wait for our next populace meeting; I still need an SCA fix!

Bicé ( older, not much wiser but still having fun )  
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