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Wed Dec 27 16:35:46 PST 2000

After talking with Dana on the phone, I've decided to stay home.  No
freezing rain here in Dallas yet but it looks like it's on it's way.


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> Hi, I am relaying a message from Dana since she can't get on line at this
> time.  Tom just came in and said that Mercedes and Winscott Rd. were both
> very slick.  It is sleeting with freezing rain in Benbrook.
> And from me; my hubby just came in from a service call and said that I20
> was really slick and bad.  This afternoon I30 was just slick from rain but
> the cars were sliding around.  I have some ice at my house (outside) now.
> Padraig, can you give us an update on the meeting?  To go or not to go,
> that is the question!
> Bicé
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