LR- Concerning Officers meeting

Chris Harper bice at
Wed Dec 27 17:40:32 PST 2000

At 07:13 PM 12/27/00 -0600, you wrote:

>I just got off the phone with Sam and Dana. The meeting is still on for
>anyone who feels that they can make it there safely. Dana will have
>coffee ready!

Well, we dilly-dallied to long (or just long enough) so that people are
having a lot of trouble trying to get up our hills now.  They are starting
to turn around and go back; so in light of that, I am going to stay home
tonight.  If I did get out I probably couldn't get back down here so I will
just stay to begin with.

Those of you with a stouter heart can take notes for me.  Nothing has
changed with the treasurer's office since the last populace meeting.  I
still haven't spent any money.  That is a good thing!

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