LR- Photos from DFT Yule

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at
Fri Dec 29 14:53:24 PST 2000


My photos from Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel are now online at:

Descriptions will be added later. I just wanted to put these up before I get
distracted with another holiday weekend. :-) Also, look for photos from the
1st Tourney of the Rose to be going up soon, courtesy of Lord Pieter Rausch.

If you have any sharper/brighter photos of Airaklee & Ceinwen's court
apperance, I'd love to see them. :-) Unfortunately, Ameline & I will not be
able to attend Fool's Revel, so if I don't see you before next millenium,
then have a fun and safe weekend. (Does that imply that if you do see me
before then, then you'll have no fun and be irresponsible?) Perhaps, but to
cover my own arse, I'm required to admonish one and all
stay out of jail, yea, that's it. Or, how bout "don't drive drunk". Sounds
good. Hey, "don't let your friends (or enemies) drive drunk. At the very
least try to make it intact through the celebrations without hurting
yourself or others. And of course, I don't condone illicit drug use, now
licit use maybe.

Once again close to nervous breakdown as the biz year nears an end. Close,
books, close! Good books.

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