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Archers! (and anyone else who is interested) - check out the message below.  Many thanks to Steve for forwarding it.


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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 17:18:12 -0700

Don't know if the Canton would be interest in this for the seige engine
section, But I thought I would pass it on to you, and let you see if the
officers would think it worthwhile. 

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Subject: OT : FS - Period Crossbow by Master Iolo

> I have a flemish crossbow made by Master Iolo of the SCA, who owns and
> operates the Known World Arbalest. This crossbow is a 60 lb pull, ideal
> target and SCA combat as well as truly beautiful and a perfect compliment
> any renaissance or late medieval garb.  Iolo sells these for $245, mine is
> virtually new, fired about a dozen times, and in mint condition.  I'm
> $200 or the best offer that comes along.  After closing on our home and
> realizing that I really don't use it anymore, I thought that someone in
> group might want something that is truly unique.
> Thanks,
> Philip Tuley
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> My web page is done! I'd love you to take a look
> and tell me what you think.
>   or
> OK, yes we sell our handcrafted wooden items there.

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