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	The reason I do mix it is so I won't become the "mad" Irishman that ye are 
laddy.  If I drank it straight up, then I'd be incapable of conquering the 
world as you seem to have resigned yourself to ;)  Utoh, me thinks I've let 
my secret out of the bag ;)  (insert period laughter here)

Laird Sean

P.S. If in 14 years I haven't gotten a Texas drawl, what makes you think 
these backwards folks could get me to lose my R's in 4 weeks :)
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--- Tim Cantley <yukon at> wrote:
> Polydore,
> 	Tullamore Dew is the Irish Whiskey I always bring
> with me to the events.
>  I'll have some with me at Lughnasadh so you can
> have some though.  I
> always mix it which is probably a shame but it is
> very smooth and goes down
> very well straight up :)
> Sean

Mix it?  MIX IT???  God's navel, not only are you a
half-breed, but a heathen, too!  If you're going to
mix it, you might as well be drinking Old Grandad.
May you pick up a permanent "Down-East" accent while
you're up there in the Uncommonwealth of Massconfusion
so all the Texans make fun of you when you come back.

Very much tongue-in-cheek (except the outrage that you
would mix Tully),

Nunc est bibendum
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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