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Bill Osterheim Polydore at
Mon Jul 24 14:19:18 PDT 2000

Pookie wrote:

> Please let us know if you can help with either of the above so that we
> can start making plans accordingly. Course, if ya help with the moving
> we'll feed ya something and I am sure we can find some liquid grains
> to help wash it down with!
> Well, I should be able to help...depending the the "when" part os the
> equasion... I suppose you better get the closing done and tehn plan
> that part!
>  On a side note, last week at the planning meeting it was suggested a
> "after event revel". Connal and I will be happy to open our new home
> up to everyone for a House warming/we survived the event party. Lets
> talk about it at Populace next week and set a date/time! :)  We can
> break in "Mac an Ghabhann Manor" right! :) Seems approprate. either
> one or two weeks afterwards perhaps?
> MagD'Leigha(whos staring at the livingroom and wondering if we can
> rent a bull dozer....)

No dozers... get a front end loader, that way, you can load the trucks
with it!  And get a dump truck - ease of unloading!
(Voice of experience here - and y'all were wondering about my
housekeeping secrets! )
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