LR - Need help!

Sluggy slugmusk at
Mon Jul 24 14:51:33 PDT 2000

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain wrote:
> I probably won't be able to help until the weekend, but will 
> be glad to donate my time, strong back (and weak mind) and 
> my truck then.

That should read "shiny truck" :)

I am likely to be out of pocket for most of the day, working to comp the
days I took off to go to Mexico. I must get that all squared away to
ensure that I get the Friday before Lughnasad off. With luck, I can also
the Thursday before, but I'm not counting on that...

Lord Polydore Pike mused wisely:

> No dozers... get a front end loader, that way, you can load 
> the trucks with it!  And get a dump truck - ease of unloading!

Wise, thoughtful advice, as always, but I insist that such hardware be
small enough to fit in the existing doorways! :) Assuming we can locate
such a device, I might be willing to purchase one for future use....



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