LR - Just when you thought it was safe.....

Sluggy slugmusk at
Thu Jul 27 17:48:03 PDT 2000

> Pookie wrote:

> Just when you thought it was safe.....

This is some alien use of the word "safe" with which I was previously
unfamilar. :)

> So the new (and improved?) closing date is now August 14th, the Monday
> AFTER the event. 

At least you don't have to kill yourselves getting packed and possibly
get injured doing so BEFORE the event!

> We can all de-stress after the event by moving our stuff and having 
> a party to celebrate them both! (right?)

I think Bear somehow has the destressing needs of Padraig and I at heart
in the form of sparring with Aaron...

> Whos about to smack everyone involved with this house buying process
> upside the head with a mackral load with lead.....

I have about 20 pounds of #7 1/2 lead shot left over from my experiments
with casting site tokens; great for mackeral loading.... let me know if
you want it!




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