LR - tin cans for Lughnasad event HRAFNASDOT at
Thu Jul 27 23:31:08 PDT 2000

Calling all dog food cans, vegetable cans and other empty cans found in 
kitchen - 

Please, please, please bring clean empty tin cans to the populace meeting at 
(I think) Perotti's(?)  These are for populace vote at Lughnasad and I have 
-0- to use!  We must have something to put tokens in for the vote!   If 
everybody brings just 1, I will have enough for at least the childrens event. 
 If you bring 2, I will be able to cover both adult & kids.  Just 2 tin 
cans?!!!!   Please!

This is kinda like a KERA begathon break isn't it?  But we can't do it 
without your help.  Please remember!

Thanks - Asa
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