LR - true fighter experience, was (I shoulda known)

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at
Fri Jul 28 08:03:46 PDT 2000

Dunstan said -

>M'lady MagD'Leigha,
>   I was waiting to see just where the actually "move" was going to end
>up.   Heck, I may change even yet!  <grin>   I should be able to assist
>you that week.   You just have 4 boxes right?    <grin>  If it turns out
>I am on duty that day, someone can use my utility trailer if they wish.

I can tow it if need be - maybe we can get everything from Sluggy's over to Connal and MagD'Leigha's new house in one trip.

>> God gives us trials and tribulations (such as realtors and the English)
>> to make us strong.
>Was this directed at moi?   <evil grin>

Not specifically - you Saxons tended to mind your own business and fight among yourselves until the damned Normans showed up and convinced eveybody to go bother the Celts.

>After hearing all the stories about how so and so fighter beat on the
>legs of others, and of the huge bruises they went around with for weeks,
>I am now the proud owner of a few myself, courtesy of Lord Virgil.
>OUCH,  dang the hurt!!!     <insert maniacal laughter here)
>Thank God for ice and zip lock bags.
>I was able to protect my head, so he just went to the other side.   I
>guess I should have left the plywood intact and used the whole sheet for
>my shield.

This is why I have gone to the 24x42 inch shield - you wouldn't think a lousy six inches of shield could make that much of a difference, but it does, especially for those of us over 6 feet tall.


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