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Spence Mabry Spence.Mabry at
Fri Jul 28 13:12:46 PDT 2000

Yes, you read it correctly.  There are great opportunities to be had at
Elfsea Defender by being one of the few, the brave, the bold, the setup and
teardown team!

Who is needed?
A deputy (to handle things when I get too busy)
As many warm, strong bodies as possible (there will be several incentives
for those who offer their assistance!)

What is done?
Be willing to help load the truck on Thursday evening.
Be at the site as early as possible on Friday to help setup the Baronial
Pavilion and other items that we bring from THE SHED.
Be willing to help take everything down on Sunday after all the festivities.
Be willing to unload the truck and put everything neatly back into THE SHED.

Signup is simple.  E-mail me and tell me when you can help.  

Oh, I almost forgot.  This is one of the best ways to meet all those people
you've seen but never have had a chance to talk to.

Setup/Teardown Coordinator
Elfsea Defender

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