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Sluggy slugmusk at
Thu Mar 2 14:01:53 PST 2000

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain wrote:

> I received a mysterious envelope

The envelope itself was not so mysterious...

> left them at Arthurian practice on Sunday.

How this happened: After practice Sunday night, I made a trip to the
truck to remove my armor and leave it out in the bed of the truck to dry
before being placed back into the relatively watertight armor bag. I
also changed my shirt and brushed my hair. I went back inside to watch
the video. After the video was done, I went back outside, got my chair
and left, secure in my mind that I had put up my armor. Unfortunately,
my shield, helm and sword were left behind. 

As an aside, so out of mind as they were, it is likely that I would only
have discovered their absence next Sunday afternoon when reporting for
Arthurian Company practice.

> By the end of the evening, the liaison had not yet contacted Sluggy, 
> so he was, at that time, still in suspense and agonizing over how to 
> fulfill the ransom demands.

As of 4:00PM Thursday, I still have not heard word from the liaison.

I am hoping that said liaison and/or the armornappers are monitoring
these lists.

I have carefully considered these demands and have determined what I
feel are appropriate and probably acceptable courses of action on each
item. Each item can be done by or at Elfsea Spring Faire. I have secured
the approval of the Grand HooHah and with the approval of the liaison
(here forward referred to as "Deep Helm"), I will perform/present each
item during Grand HooHah court Saturday night at Spring Faire. I will
ask that the details of my compliance be kept secret between myself,
Deep Helm and The Grand HooHah as needed until Spring Faire to preserve
the spirit of fun for all (except me, of course). 

> I, on the other hand, after having been inspired by Timothy of 
> Glastonbury, spent the evening with evil thoughts churning around 
> a new bardic piece featuring Sluggy as the subject.  I hope to have 
> it ready to perform by the War.

I have managed to play with my loving but unforgiving family for about 6
years before being immortalized (immoralized?) in song by our Padraig. I
dare say few share such a record!

In Humility,

Lord Robert of Slugglen
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