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Something perhaps of interest to some of us...

Michael Scofield wrote:

> Greetings to all of the Norse, Danes, Finns, Icelanders, and those few
> disgusting Swedes in Ansteorra.
> On April 28-30, 2000 a semi-annual gathering of the mundane Scandinavian
> groups in Texas takes place in Georgetown (just North of Bryn Gwlad). For
> the third time, I have been asked by the organizers to bring as many SCA
> "vikings" as possible so they can have some real Viking Age people there.
> So, if you have a persona from the areas now known as Norway, Finland,
> Denmark, Iceland, or even Sweden, and you would like to spend a weekend in a
> period encampment, explaining what the "vikings" were really like, getting
> your picture taken a couple hundred times, eating some period food prepared
> by H.E. Thordis, Mistress Rianlief, and others, meeting lots of folks from
> Scandinavia, and going for short sailings on the Skelmir (our 22-foot
> longboat, built by Ragnar Ulfgarsson and crew), let me know.
> We are looking for as many period "viking" tents as possible.
> NO MUNDANE TENTS ALLOWED. We also need as many active period A&S activities
> ongoing as possible in the camp. Also there will be a couple of fighting
> demos per day. These will be done as much as possible like what would have
> happened in period. And still be as entertaining as possible for the
> mundanes watching.
> There is also a need for a few of us to be in a play that a Danish acting
> troop will be doing. There will most likely be some fighting involved in our
> parts of the play, but details on that have not been worked out.
> Check out the website of the festival at . The group from
> Bjornsborg, with help from a couple of folks in the Elfsea and Steppes area
> have pulled this off the last two times. I think we need help, especially
> since there are about 40-70,000 people expected at the festival this year.
> We just can't talk to them all.
> If you would like to help out with this, and help us pick up a few new
> members for the SCA, contact me soon.
> Thank you for your time.
> Hersir Ivar Runamagi
> Bjornsborg
> Ansteorra
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