LR - Gulf Wars IX

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at
Mon Mar 20 14:57:40 PST 2000

Gulf Wars IX was glorious!  I am tired, sore, bruised, chafed, limping and ecstatic.

To all Loch Ruadhans who attended the War:  our Chronicler, Lord Robert, is planning a special post-war issue of the Scarlet Letter.  So jot down your no-sh(I mean)-fooling, there-I-was stories and rememberances of the War while they are still fresh in your memories, and send them to slugmusk at

Vivat Ansteorra and her Allies!  The battles were magnificent, and the Arthurian Company was in the thick of them.  Vivat to Airaklee Wolf for his leadership over the past two years!  All of our hard work and training paid off, and we met every objective we were told to attempt.  I and other Arthurians had many fighters and non-fighters, both allies and enemies, compliment us on our discipline, precision, determination and chivalry.  Having friends tell you you're doing a good job feels good - having enemies tell you the same thing feels GREAT!  For those who haven't heard, His Majesty Alaric chose the Arthurians to bear the King's Ribbon, a signal honor that has been held by the Liondragon Guard since its inception.  I am both proud and humble to have had the honor of fighting alongside such valiant warriors.

As a side note, the Ressurection Battle in the ravine was the first time my lady Amber had seen me fight, and I am told by those with her that she found the whole thing tremendously exciting.  And her first words to me when the battle was over and we were trudging back to camp:  "How come you died so quickly in the first engagement?"  Actually, I hadn't planned on dying at all (I hate climbing up the hill to Ressurection Point), but several Trimarians with spears had other palns that didn't go along with the ones I had made.  :)

More later, I have to unload the truck and set out a damp tent and tarps to dry.


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