LR - Lughnasad Preparations

Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at
Tue Mar 21 22:20:39 PST 2000

Gulf Wars IX is now past us, and it is time we look forward to our Lughnasad in August.

Lord Conor na Mara is the Autocrat for this event and will be coordinating everything.  He will need much help, and we will need every member of the Canton to pitch in to make this event a success.

Conor is still investigating sites, and is seriously considering the Trade Days site in Canton.  I've asked him to take a look at Brown's Country Juncktion (where Elfsea used to hold it's events), but that will depend a great deal on their water situation - the well servicing the campground went dry a while back, and I don't know if it has recovered or not.

So far we are planning on holding a heavy tournament, an archery competition, an Arts and Sciences display, a feast and a bardic competition for the Titled Bard of Loch Ruadh.  Other suggestions include a misty forest (excellent for cooling off on hot summer days) and a water balloon battle for the children - alhtough I think with August heat, adults will probably want to join in as well.

Conor, please add in anything I have forgotten.

We will be discussing plans at Populace Meetings and Officers Meetings.  Be sure to be there if you have ideas that you would like to see included.  In the meantime, let's see some discussion here on the mailing list to get the ball rolling.


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