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Time is growing short to submit Award Recommendations for Elfsea Springfaire.  Now that Gulf Wars IX is over, we need to devote some attention to recognizing the deserving members of the Populace.  Here are some pointers on submitting Award Recommendations: 

Who can submit an Award Recommendation? 

Anyone who believes that another person deserves to receive an Award.  You don’t have to be a paid SCA member, or have been playing a certain amount of time, or any other restriction – you just have to be willing to write up the recommendation. 

What Awards does Ansteorra give? 

Check for an article that lists Ansteorran Awards and what they are given for.   

Who should get an Award?   

Have you observed someone who puts a lot of time and effort into the SCA, making the Dream more of a reality for everyone who plays?  Someone who gives much and asks little or nothing in return?  Those who open their homes for meetings and workshops?  Those who contribute money and material items that make it possible to do the things we do?  Someone who devotes personal time and energy to master skills in the Arts and Sciences that are so much a part of the Modern Middle Ages?  Fighters who train long and hard so that they may present themselves on the list field with honor and chivalry?  These are the people we seek to recognize with Awards.  If you have someone in mind but are not 100% sure, talk to me or anyone else who has been in the SCA for a few years about it – you know we’ll be glad to share our opinion, um, I mean wisdom. 

Do they have to be from Loch Ruadh? 

Not at all.  You can recommend anyone who you believe deserves to be recognized, whether they are from Loch Ruadh, our sister Canton of Dragonsfire Tor, the Barony, or from any other SCA group. 

How do I know whether or not an individual already has the Award? 

Check the OP (Order of Precedence) files available on the Ansteorran web site ( and on the Elfsea web site ( ).  These files list which awards people have.  They may not be completely up to date, so if you are unsure of what you find, speak with me and I will find out for certain. 

How do I write up a Recommendation? 

There is an Award Recommendation form that can be used that is found on the Ansteorran web site (go to the home page and click on “Forms”) which is easy to fill out and contains a “Comments” section for you to list why you think the person should get the award.  You can also write up a recommendation in letter form; you can check with any Canton Officer (or just about anyone who has been playing for a number of years) for examples and formats.  In either case, you need to have firmly in mind the reasons why you think the person deserves the Award. 

Who do I send the Recommendation to? 

Recommendations are ALWAYS sent to Their Royal Majesties, the King and Queen, currently Alaric and Kayleigh Drake (Craig and Lisa Carter), 7632 Castillo Road, Fort Worth, TX 76112   email: crown at   
Many Crowns will accept email Recommendations, but it is good form to send them a hardcopy as well. 

Copies should also be sent to the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, to the Baron and Baroness-elect, to the Seneschal of Elfsea, and to me as Seneschal of Loch Ruadh.  If TRMs do not know the person being recommended (and it’s a big Kingdom – no-one knows everybody), they will ask the Baron and Baroness for their opinions, so the Baron and Baroness need to know that the person has been recommended.  Likewise, the Baron and Baroness may need to ask the Seneschals.  So make sure that everyone is kept in the loop.  (Note:  You can send email copies to all of these folks without the need for a follow-up hardcopy.) 

Don Llywelyn Gruffydd - llywelyn at
Mistress Xene Theriane - XaraXene at
Sir Galen of Bristol - pmitchel at
HL Allesandre Desiderio - allesandre at
Seneschal of Elfsea
Lord Caelin one Andred - rjt at
and if you recommend anyone from Dragonsfire Tor, the Seneschal of the Tor
Lady Caitlin ferch Gwynnora - caitlinferchgwynnora at
Me - padraig_ruad at

And don’t breathe a word to the person you’ve recommended – sometimes Recommendations don’t go through, and when they do, half the fun is the look of surprise on the face of the victim, um I mean recipient, as they are called into Court to receive their Award. 

Contact me if you have any questions. 

In Service, 

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