LR - The Storm

Pookie Pookie-W at
Tue Mar 28 19:03:33 PST 2000

OK, on the phone with Sluggy.. Heres a update on some folks who cannot get
online (Isnt it great having a cable modem and still use the phone? And
Sluggy has his cell so we can update and call folks and post notes!):
Kat and Eddie are fine no damage.
Julie and Tarkus are fine no damage
Julie's daughter in Saginaw fine no damage
Gabrielle's at work and reports no damage at the work site
Gabrielle's house fine no damage
Bill says "storm was all show no play only got thunder no rain"  so he is
fine no damage.


> Ok let's hear
> > from the rest of the Loch Ruadhians!!
> >
> > Dana

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