LR - The Storm..Please check in.

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Wed Mar 29 07:12:56 PST 2000

Sean here.  I was at work last night when the storm blew through.  I was
going to leave early to go to the Elfsea Springfaire planning meeting but
after watching the news reports, decided against it.  We got lots of rain
and lightning but no hail and no tornadoes.  By the time I left at 8:30 p.m.
everything was drying up.  Jesse and Amy weathered it fine here in lots of rain and some marble size hail but nothing major.  I
just talked to Francesca on the phone and her place is ok.  She's at work
now and said that the roads were a mess going into Dallas from Arlington
this morning.  So everyone here is fine.
As a foot note, Francesca asked if there is an SCA dictionary online that
she could down load and add to her spell checker or thesaurus so she could
understand some of our personna jargon ;)  She says she would respond more
to our posts but she finds it difficult to understand what we are talking
about ;)

Take care,
Sean of Argyll

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>Ok, the rest of you guys check in!!!!
>Mama's worried
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