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Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at
Wed Mar 29 12:04:57 PST 2000

Padraig here.  Sorry about not checking in earlier, but our phone was only working off and on after the storm last night.  We got a lot of rain, a little hail and a lot of wind at our house - Lorriane and I were home, where we stayed.  Dana called me just before all hell broke loose and we agreed that driving out to the Springfaire planning meeting was not a good idea.

Amber was still at work in the Tandy Technology building (right next to the Tandy Towers) and on the phone with a customer when they gathered everyone up and went down to the bottom floor.  It was some time before she was able to get to a phone and get through to me, during which time I was going frantic.  They kept everyone there for a couple of hours before getting the okay to let them go home.  The subway from the parking lot was out, due to the trains getting knocked off the tracks, but apparently the big Tandy parking lot was spared the worst of it, as there was no visible damage to her car.

Paul didn't fare quite as well.  He had just had dinner with Lorraine and her fiance, and was headed back to Dallas.  The hail caught him on NW Loop 820 and pounded the hell out his car, smashing the windshield.  He managed to get under an overpass and waited out the rest of it there before getting a ride to a gas station from where he called me.  I picked him up and we went back to his car, then he followed me home at 40 miles an hour with emergency flashers on.  He's trying to arrange for a rental car now while waiting for the insurance adjustor to arrive and do an estimate on his 4-month-old Ford Focus.

Has anyone talked to any of the MacFerguses?  I'd heard there was some damage in White Settlement, and hope it wasn't anywhere near Ken's house.  Who else hasn't checked in yet?  Any word on Zahara and Hakon?

Thank you, God, that the storm was no worse than it was, and that so far all of our folk appear to be okay.


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