LR - Spring Faire Cave Sale HRAFNASDOT at
Wed Mar 29 14:36:11 PST 2000

Greetings to all:

As you know, the during the upcoming Spring Faire we will be having a 
Cavesale.  At this time we have decided not to open the Loch Ruadh Tavern.  
Instead, in order to provide beverages and cut down on the personell needed 
to run our venture, we will sale iced down can drinks part of the Cave Sale.

At this time, we would ask each of you to donate items whose sale you would 
like to see benefit our Canton.  These items can be  a simple as baskets you 
no longer need, old garb, extra feast gear, etc..  Anything you would see at 
a Medieval Garage sale.  Be creative.

If you do not have anything to donate to the Cave Sale, bring a six pack of 
canned drinks.  Everyone should be able to donate a six-pack of some type.  
Water in plastic bottles or juices are also a good alternative.  Please no 
glass containers.  Even the six for a dollar kool-aid style drinks will be 
welcome - remember the small ones.

Remember: this sale is one of the big fund raisers for our own event.  Thank 
you for helping.

Asa Hrafnasdottir - Loch Ruadh A&S Minister
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