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Thu Mar 30 14:47:35 PST 2000

Thought this might be of interest to those not on the Ansteorran mailing list:

This is also being sent to some kingdom and local lists as well. But, if 
you do not see it on your kingdom or local list, would you be so kind as 
to forward it to that list, so that those that might be interested may 
read it.

Thank you

There are now sca email lists covering target and combat archery, 
siege weapons and thrown weapons(live steel).  They are an excellent 
place to get answers to questions and to share your knowledge and 
information with others of simular interests. 
The target archery list- sca-archery covers target archery and related 
topics and current IKAC/IKCAC standings. The missile combat list-  
sca-missilecombat covers combat archery, javelins, etc. The siege engine 
list- sca-siege, covers siege engines and other siege equipment. The 
siege list is currently working on a SCA Siege Engine Handbook. The 
thrown weapons list- sca-thrownweapons, covers live steel thrown weapons 
such as: axe, spear, knife, etc.

Please subscribe to the lists that you are interested in and let others
know as well.
To subscribe to the target archery list send a blank message to:
	sca-archery-subscribe at
To subscribe to the missile combat list send a blank message to:
	sca-missileCombat-subscribe at
To subscribe to the siege engine list send a blank message to:
	sca-siege-subscribe at
To subscribe to the thrown weapons list send a blank message: 
	sca-thrownweapons-subscribe at

Yours in service to the Society and to Medieval Archery

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf 
Society Archery Marshal

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