[Loch-ruadh] Western/Central war practice

Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 3 08:13:37 PST 2001

Oh, boy, did you folks miss a good practice if you didn't get out to Abilene
this last weekend.

To those of you who made it - thanks!  You helped make the practice fun and
effective.  I really appreciate your efforts, and so did TRHs and the
Western Region.  That kind of cooperative effort is what will make us
unstoppable at this year's Gulf War!

We found that the Western Region is doing things in very much the same way
that we are in the Central Region.  Integrating them into the Iron Star
Brigade will be extremely easy - in fact, it's almost a gimme!  And that
means that integrating them with the non-brigade Central regional forces
will also be easy.

Western Region will be adopting our "get'em" command, and will be using the
"charge through" style of charge, as Drake wants for all those in his
command.  In addition, they will be changing their wheel commands to conform
to Kein's standard - and may adopt the additional "anchor" preparatory
command.  They want to make "push" an additional command, and consider it a
very important shieldwall tactic - something I completely agree with.  I'm
not sure we need it as an actual command, but we certainly need to be
teaching how to push effectively.

I'd like to have another practice out there sometime in February or early
March.  Chiang is setting up a time and place, and will let me know when and
where he manages to set up.  It only took me 2-1/2 hours to get out there -
these guys are pretty close, so there's no reason we can't get out there 3-4
times a year.  And as much fun as they are to play with, the drive seems
very short.

Also, watch for January's war practice in Central region.  War is just about
on us, so it's time to knock the rust off your armor and your skills.
Archers and siege engineers, as well as fighters, we need to get you on the
field with least once before the war - to make sure everybody knows what to
expect from everybody else, we all know each other, we know all of our gear
works, and we are all familiar with what to do when fat old men starting
shouting nearly inarticulate commands.  <grin>

If you need help with armor, now is the time to pipe up.  I'll do all I can
to help hook you up with folks who can help you out.  We have time to get
stuff made, but only if we start now.  It doesn't have to cost a lot to get
into armor - in fact, it can be very cheap!  E-mail me if you need help in
this department.

And if you don't have armor, but are hoping to get it together eventually,
come on out anyway.  You can probably borrow armor to get some training in
while you're working on your own set.  Who knows, the chance might present
itself to get on the field at Gulf - and if you haven't been training at
all, you won't have as much fun as if you'd come out and gotten in armor a
few times.

Now is also the time to start working on getting authorized for everything
you need authorization for.  There won't be any authorizations at the

Have fun, and I'll see you at practice!


Mordock von Rügen
Commander, Ansteorra Central Region
Commander, Iron Star Brigade

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